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WilliamsonMarkets: 11 Tips To Get Ready for Small Business Saturday By Karen Chronister

Small Business Saturday Homestead Manor at Christmas time, old antebellum restaurant in Williamson County Tennessee

Small Business Saturday falls on November 25, 2017, smack dab in the middle of the biggest shopping weekend. Last year, the holiday weekend racked up a reported $15 billion dollars in sales. Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday celebrates local shopping at community businesses. It’s true, shoppers are primed to get […]

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WilliamsonMarkets: The Typical Visitor To Williamson County And How To Capture Their Business

Williamson County shopper demographic- group-of-women-carrying-shopping-bags-on-city-street

Williamson County receives accolades every year for lifestyle, entertainment, dining, family-oriented street events, and more. That’s a powerful way to attract visitors, and we do, in the tens of thousands. So, it’s a smart, savvy move for your Williamson County business to get to know the typical tourist and visitor. Seize opportunities to serve them—and […]

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Returning to Grand Teton National Park

JACKSON, WY—Away from city noise and grit, the air in Jackson sparkles. Laced with snow and slices of blue-black rock, the jagged peaks push through the clouds. I had not forgotten them, but grandeur like that is almost impossible to capture in a photograph or postcard. The moment—the experience of standing in the midst of […]

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7 Unusual Brand Advertising Options To Maximize And Stylize Your Business Exposure

Shelf-life and surprise, as well as problem-solving and fun, are smart advertising considerations when choosing promotional products. So are demographics, location, and strategic goals. Simply, how long will the object sporting your logo or slogan stick around as one of your branding platforms? A baseball hat, for instance, generally has a healthy life and might […]

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Keep Calm and Print On — 7 Printers with Prowess

Shop local and support Williamson County business. Marketing helps

Outfitting your office with a printer is convenient. However, when it comes to a promotional piece—a poster or postcard, business card, letterhead, trade show banner, client report, etc.—you probably want the polish and expertise (and no smudge marks!) that come with hiring a local printer or print shop. Unlike the digital world, there’s no quick […]

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